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Congratulations on Your Engagement!

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Not an engagement to get married; we’re talking about your social media engagement! This is arguably the most important metric to look at when measuring your social media activity’s impact and building a devout customer base and following.

All too often, many people are focused on how many followers they have on a social media channel. This is not without importance as it can help drive up engagement numbers, but it is more a metric of vanity than impact. Yes, you need people to follow you and see your posts, but engagement refers to the number of likes, shares or comments your posts are getting. Visitors who are engaged with your posts are more likely to turn into customers and become evangelists of your brand. The more you can encourage engagement, the more likely people are to take notice of your brand since the web of social media expands dramatically when you have others liking and sharing your posts.

To build successful social media engagement, here are some ideas:

Share valuable Content
This is an opportunity to be a thought leader in your space. Don’t be afraid to post regularly and engage with your connections. If you provide value, your followers will have a reason to follow you. Lastly, identify the brands you like and be sure to collaborate with them and provide ideas.

Share Engaging Content
Think of social media as an extension of your brand. Your customers will follow you and engage if your story is provocative and real. Providing real-life examples always helps. People love giving their thoughts and opinions, provide them an avenue to do so.

Focus on Trending Topics
Knowing the latest news trends is key to building engagement via social media. To do so, sign up for alerts and follow news trends. Using engaging, timely topics will increase your followers, shares, and comments.

There is a ton of data being created every day and it’s easy to get lost in all the digital marketing analytics being offered today. Indeed, there are some great tools at a marketer’s disposal but are they really helping you measure the ROI of time spent posting on social media? The key is to focus on the journey that your customers follow to find you, become a customer, and bring in revenue. And figuring this out doesn’t necessarily require investment in a fancy tool set that gives you nice looking graphs and charts. One way is to simply ask a lead how they found your company or product and then put a process in place to track this data. If you start to collect and analyze this data, you may be surprised by what it tells you.

If you have any questions about how to ramp up your engagement and gain more leads, let us know. We’re always here to help.

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