An Unexpected Road to Profits: Corporate Health and Wellness

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Published in Law.com’s Mid-Market Report

There is no doubt that our world went through some rapid changes in 2020 and while we all faced some challenging times, we adapted and brought new initiatives forward like health and wellness, flexibility, enhanced technology, clear internal communication, and tighter security. According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends Study, where 2,447 global consumers and 405 C-suite executives from global companies were surveyed, 79% of the responders recalled brands that positively responded to the pandemic to help customers, workforces, and communities forge ahead. The study found that many companies aligned their brand identity with their sustained commitment to stakeholders, employees, suppliers, and communities by adapting their long-standing policies to the crisis at hand. Survey participants mostly recognized brands that responded positively to the coronavirus pandemic based on their investment in the health and wellness of their employees and donations to support community efforts to help those in need.

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